Saturday, April 8, 2017

5 reasons why you should use DuckDuckGo search engine over others

DuckDuckGo search engine is the most secure and safe engine which respects your privacy and does not save your - personal data, search history, your IP address and display annoying advertisements of recently searched products.

HomePage of DuckDuckGo

It is shocking to know that most of the search engines we use save all our searches with a unique ID for our IP address. They save cookies in our hard disk with this ID so that whenever you search, it directs to the cookie folder, collects all the data that is stored about your search history, personal information and hundreds of other parameters about you the search engine displays a unique search result for you with unique advertisements just for you.

So here are the 5 main reasons why you should consider shifting to DuckDuckGo search engine. 4th is my favorite

1.     Privacy: 

DuckDuckGo respects your privacy and does not stores your search history, preferences, your frequently visited webpages. So, your search results are unbiased and 100% correct. Most search engines stores huge amount of data about you stores it in a form of cookie and use it to haunt you with personalized advertisements, personalized searches and most fearsome fact is what extent can those multi-billion companies go with so much of our personal information at their hand.

One major disadvantage of other search engines are they show us the result we want and not the result we needed. 

2.     Quick Search: You would love it

DuckDuckGo provides a quick way of searching though some famous websites like amazon, Wikipedia, redit, Instagram, Facebook directly from its homepage just by searching with an ‘!’ (it is called a !Bang search)

!a shoe – will redirect to amazon website search for shoes
!w google – will redirect to Wikipedia page for google.

seaches for puma shoes in amazon


3.     Zero advertisement 

DuckDuckGo does not show annoying advertisements on top of our searches or anywhere in the page. But if you want DuckDuckGo grow do enable advertisements in General settings. 

4.     Appearance and Ascetics: It is beautiful

We use search engines a minimum of one hundred times a day. This gives us all right to ask for a good-looking search engine. DuckDuckGo exactly scores on it with new themes and complete customization of text color, font size, placement of website link and many more tweaks.
I personally liked this option very much. This was the prime reason I shifted to DuckDuckGo. Black theme and it suits my dark themed Ubuntu / Windows

5.     Narrow your search results by region:

You can now find results of other regions of the globe. Usually when we search we get a personalized result as per region and as per IP address. But now you can get result of your choice.
For example: if you search news with region USA you will CNN breaking news but if you change region to India you will get NDTV breaking news on top. Another example if you want to prepare an Italian food to surprise your spouse, searching in region as Italy might get you better results.

The most important fact about DuckDuckGo is that you always get the best, unbiased result whenever you search the web. Also, get all the features you had on your previous search engines and hence it never feels alien to you.

Still confused? Just click here and see it yourself. 
DuckDuckGo Android and iOS apps are also available in their respective app store. 

If you want to share your thoughts, confusion or you think I am wrong, feel free to mention in the comment section below. I am ready to clear you doubts and appreciate your view.
Do share this article with your friends and your loved ones if you too respect their privacy. 

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